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Monday, October 3, 2011

The happenings of late...

We've been busy and have slacked on the blog slightly. I will pick up where we left off. If you were at the Lemmon's show on 9/2 you can view the pictures that Ricky Sherman took of us HERE. We got to hang out with our friend Typewriter Tim and he performed his body-bag routine and even jumped in on our instrumental with some additional percussion. We also celebrated Ryan's 21st birthday too. Then we played inside the Fox Hole at Atomic Cowboy on 9/24 for the first annual Rock U Fest. That was a blast! HERE are pictures from the event from a couple of different photographers. We also had the set filmed by Suburban Pro Studios, so we will have footage from that later on. This past weekend we played at Lemmon's again on 10/01 and also celebrated Topher and Viner's birthdays. It was fun.

Our next show that we have scheduled is at the Crack Fox on Friday, November 4th. We will be performing with The Orbz and also Dog Of Panic from Springfield, Illinois. A fourth band may be added, but these are all confirmed. To RSVP to the event on facebook and check out the artists and the venue, click HERE. If you missed the STL Music Press interview w/ Topher, he talked about Rock U Fest and more on the group itself and what is happening and also talked about the new recording. You can read that right HERE. In addition to the five new songs and instrumental, we also performed at UMSL's Touhill Performing Art's Center recently. We plan to take the audio tracks from a song that we have not recorded yet and make a live version of it. We may even throw in an electronic version of one of our acoustic songs too. We are on the tail end of recording now. We hope to have it ready by the end of the year. Thanks for the interest and stay sharp...

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