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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Set List for Saturday, June 25th @ The Crack Fox and more!

Ockum's Razor & Still Line both performing extended sets on Saturday, June 25th at the Crack Fox in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. We are really excited to be doing a longer set at an intimate and particularly interesting venue. Here is our facebook event, if you care to RSVP, you may do so HERE. Our set list for the evening is as follows: "Nothing's What It Used To Be", "Teach Me How To Learn", "Nebula", "The White Horse And It's Rider", "Smooth As Eggs - Instrumental", "Manimal", "Jig Of The Juggernaut", "The Great Big Wheel", "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - Tears For Fears (cover), "The Question", "Chaperone", "Mea Culpa", "Secret Of The Way Things Are", "Walk Away", "Every Growing Moment", "Space Odditty" - David Bowie (cover). *Note that some of these songs have electronic introductions and the acoustic songs that you are used to hearing are re-worked into mostly upbeat versions of the songs to fit the full-band/electric format. Our two covers that we are playing are pretty different versions of the songs also. Not to mention, some of these have never been played live before. Heck, it has been six years since "Every Growing Moment" was played live, I think. "The White Horse And It's Rider" is a brand new addition and this will be it's debut, the recorded version of the song is scheduled to have a guest vocal appearance by Butch Tocco of Iron Fist Dillusion. So, stay sharp for that and maybe a live performance of it too? Here are some live tracks from our last show at Pop's, we are getting ready to start working on the video footage from the show and we will start recording some new material after this show at the Crack Fox. We had to post-pone the initial production due to a couple of the member's vacations, but this is in stone and we will start production on Sunday, July 3rd! The first of many, many new songs that we have never recorded before. Fri. May 20th @ Pop's for Sicfaist CD Release Show by therazorsedge
Also, we want to let our friends and fans know that we now not only have this blog optimized for your mobile experience, but also we have a new Tumblr site too for it. Below is the QR code for easy access to the mobile version of our official blog, note there is also the same option on Tumblr, if you prefer it.