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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Radio Ugly Independent Movie

Radio Ugly 'The Movie' in partnership with the indie radio station is unveiling the website for the the upcoming independent film Sunday, February 28th. Ockum's Razor is being featured on the soundtrack and 'The Great Big Wheel' was chosen. Thanks to Ken and the crew over at Radio Ugly for their continued support!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Becoming a web master in one easy to use browser! (M.M. #4)

(Musician Monday - Installment Four):

I remember the days of not being able to update our band's website, because of not having the knowledge on how to do it, well thanks to 'Bandzoogle' the playing field has been leveled. We just recently got the new website up and is still in the works, but we already have alot of content up and it was easy to do. Read excerpts from this post from a recent 'Hypebot' article below and you will quickly understand why this site was in the Music Connection's top 103 web sites for the music biz in 2009.

Bandzoogle is a new self-service web-site and marketing platform for musicians. "This is the first time musicians have been able to create a completely custom website, right in their web browser. No other musician web site builder offers this design flexibility." said Bandzoogle founder Chris Vinson. Integrated with Bandzoogle's site building tools is a free direct to fan marketing and sales platform, including email and mobile blasts, a no-fee music and merchandise store, blogs, podcasting, and fan clubs. Bandzoogle powered sites also automatically update social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and detailed fan stats track the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. New features include: Full integration with - In addition to Bandzoogle's existing tools integration with ArtistData enables members to easily post content to dozens more sites such as Last.FM, PureVolume, and Eventful. Mobile fan clubs - Send text message blasts to fans from within Bandzoogle. A new $9.95 per month Lite Plan includes a free .COM address. For more from this post visit the 'Hypebot' post by Bruce Houghton :

Bandzoogle Upgrades Web Site Builder And Music Marketing Platform - hypebot

Bandzoogle: band websites that work

*Click the image/link above and try it out for FREE right now!