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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recording update and special announcement in regards to the next show:

Recording update and special announcement!

Ockum's Razor will be debuting two more brand new songs live at our last BIG show of the year, which will take place on Oct. 23rd at the Library in Soulard. The show starts at 8pm and is 21 & up. At this costume ball we will debut two new songs. 'Only Human' and also 'Pusher' which features the vocal stylings of Dean Preacher from the group 'Saence.' You can check them out at:

In addition to Dean performing with us as the Halloween show, we plan to try something different and new to show how much we appreciate the support that we have been shown. We want everyone that comes to the show that night to walk away with a copy of our acoustic cd 'tHE tERRIBLE tRUTH'. We understand times are hard and money is tight, so if you are down on your luck and are broke as a joke, yet want a copy it is yours. If you have a few bucks and want to show some support that way, that is great! We will also have newly discounted merch bundles at this show. For those that do have the cash and want to support, for $10.00, one can get the 12-song acoustic cd, a T-shirt and also a button. You can't beat that! Topher will be hitting the studio soon to record vocals for our next full-band EP that we are working on. We have haulted the rest of the recording process for the music portion and are focusing on this EP release and are auditioning a fifth member to add and write and record with for the full-length. The song 'Pusher' will be one of four tracks on it, so come and check out the new sound and vibe at our last big show of the year, we will have one more coming in December and that will be it for around 4-6 months while we perfect what we have and try to add another member.
wants Saint Louis area peeps to message us for $3 advance tix to Oct. 23rd's Costume Ball @ The Library!