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Friday, February 12, 2010

FREE Merch Friday Part Deux!
*Also, info on upcoming live chat's w/ us and the new music coming, stay sharp...

FREE Merch Friday Part Deux Winners!

This week's winners of the Facebook FREE Merch Contest are Ken Lytle & Teddy Kingery! Congrats, fellas. Send an email to us at and let us know what piece of merch you want. Thanks for participating, we appreciate it. Tune in next week same time and same channel for the next round of the contest if you want to participate and win something for practically nothing. Also, for anyone reading this post, notice the live chat box on the right of the page, towards the bottom. When we start debuting some of the new full-band/electric music, we plan to do some live-chat's via Meebo. Very easy site to set up an account for and it is worth it if you enjoying chatting. It is similiar to Facebook chat, however, the cool thing about this site is that you can add other accounts and chat w/ all kinds of friends if you like. We will be doing an opt-in live chat for peeps that want to discuss the new music. Stay sharp...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sound Cloud Player & why it's rad.

Easy to share player that is optimized by Hype Machine now too. Find contacts on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live and you can even import them from a CSV file. Many music bloggers use this site and another cool attribute is that anyone can share music with you, whether they are a member of Sound Cloud, or not. For future reference to Sound Cloud and our music, note further down on the right of the page is an image w/ direct link to our profile. Here is the player:

Latest tracks by ockumsrazor

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Facebook Fan Page & How To Get Started.

For the second installment of 'Musician Monday' I thought it would be a good idea to touch on Facebook Fan Pages. If you missed last week's post on how to save alot of time on posting onto multiple sites, etc. You can view it in our blog archive, or scroll further down the page.

Lately I've gotten alot of people asking about how we got our facebook fanpage lay-out looking the way it does. When I first got on facebook, I had some old school friends wanting me to get on there, so I did. Then I decided to make a page for our band and quickly learned that it was not as easy as I thought. I was also spending some considerable time on Reverbnation at the same time and saw that you can make a fan page from there. (For more on ReverbNation, check out their blog by clicking link.) Since I had my own profile on facebook, I started the process and after a few tries I got it. The reason that it is important to have a fan page is that you can have an unlimited amount of fans that opt in, as opposed to a profile page that will only allow up to 5000 friends. Another excellent attribute about fan pages is that they allow FBML, also known as, Face Book Markup Language. It is an html-based language just for facebook.

Once I learned the above facts, I stumbled on two really helpful ladies that I have to mention and credit for their great resources. First is Madalyn Sklar from Social Networks For Musicians. She has some free tutorials on her site and also some more in-depth one's for a small fee. D.I.Y. musicians should be able to figure it out on your own and if you can't, her resources are affordable and worth the investment if you cannot do it yourself. Second is Ariel Publicity who has some great resources to make your facebook fan page pop, as she explains it. In addition, Reverbnation has been adding more resources for musicians recently, and those will help you too.
These three sites are a great place to start learning more of what you can do to build you own band's fan page. It will take some time to get there, but the end result is worth it!