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Monday, September 6, 2010

'Pusher' featured on FREE digital comp. by G.E. Productions:

GE Productions presents you with 18 songs for FREE download by some of the Saint Louis areas most eclectic artists. The compilation features our title track 'Pusher' from the new EP. In addition, to the acoustic song 'Shadow'. Also, featuring tracks by Sinfinis, Murder Happens, Shinma, Spiral-Shaped Mind, Thanatos Eternal, Glitch Factor, SMP & Sons Of Black Mass. Enjoy!

Ken from Ghetto Electro mentions,"Jason Bazinet from SMP has played drums on tour with bands such as Front Line Assembly & Chemlab. Shinma's song The Noh Agents V.3 was inspired by David Mack's comic book Kabuki which was on Invisible Records, but now on a subsidirary of Marvel. He supports & promotes the shinma song & has had it on his myspace page for quite some time.
SMP has also had songs on a few Invisible Records compilations. Each band on the compilation is doing really well & trying to get out there!"

Sunday, September 5, 2010