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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A nice message/review about one of our songs from OMC TV:

Hey guys,

"I have to got to do this for you, because one of your songs has grown on me and impressed me, so feel free to use this any way you see fit.

The Great Big Wheel stands out as one of the most sophisticated, yet well put together, songs around today. The vocals are world-class and flow into your mind. Ockum's Razor wrote and recorded a song that stands alone and it reaches past boundaries most artists haven't even thought about. We say it's a musical masterpiece!"

OMC TV - Steve Lovesee

(To check out OMC TV, you can visit) : OMC TV's Website

Thanks, Steve!

Topher, Viner, Ryan & Voodoo of Ockum's Razor

Monday, May 3, 2010

FREE download of the week!

Secret of the Way Things Are Ominous Spirit Mix by ockumsrazor

The FREE download of the week, is another acoustic track with some St. Louis guests on it, the song is also an alternate version of it's predecessor. It features Casey Govero from 'Kharma' & also the band 'Cronus' and he plays keyboard on this rendition of 'Secret Of The Way Things Are'. In addition, Donna Z. makes her vocal recording debut with some backround vocals in it, as well. Enjoy!