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Friday, November 20, 2009

Special announcement in regards to the Dec. 5th show:

This is going to be our last full-band/electric performance until Spring/Summer of 2010. We are currently auditioning for a fifth member and plan to have them in place when we return. Also, why we are on hiatus, we will begin releasing some new material! Topher is in the studio with 'Mikealize Media' working on vocals as you read this!

'Saence' is scheduled to perform an acoustic set and we will perform an acoustic set, as well, progressing into a mini-set of our first full-band/acoustic show! We will also perform an extended full-band/electric set featuring a never-before performed song and also other new music and more! If you missed the Library show, we will be doing 'Pusher' w/ Dean on vocals again, as well. This is a FREE show so be sure to get there early! 'Lucid In Obscurity' was just added to the bill and their music sounds great. You can check out there tunes below and also, under that link is another to Saence. This show is 21 and up only, sorry kiddos!Happy holidays!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009