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Friday, February 12, 2010

FREE Merch Friday Part Deux Winners!

This week's winners of the Facebook FREE Merch Contest are Ken Lytle & Teddy Kingery! Congrats, fellas. Send an email to us at and let us know what piece of merch you want. Thanks for participating, we appreciate it. Tune in next week same time and same channel for the next round of the contest if you want to participate and win something for practically nothing. Also, for anyone reading this post, notice the live chat box on the right of the page, towards the bottom. When we start debuting some of the new full-band/electric music, we plan to do some live-chat's via Meebo. Very easy site to set up an account for and it is worth it if you enjoying chatting. It is similiar to Facebook chat, however, the cool thing about this site is that you can add other accounts and chat w/ all kinds of friends if you like. We will be doing an opt-in live chat for peeps that want to discuss the new music. Stay sharp...

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