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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is this blog for? You might ask....

From now on we will be concentrating on our blog efforts from Myspace directly, for the most part, to Blogger. We are trying to incoorperate the sites we are currently utilizing and engage with Google. The main purpose of this is to connect with our fans on different networks and whatnot. Google friends is universal, sign up as a friend to this blog and you will be in our network, doesn't matter if you use gmail or aol, yahoo, etc. Your profile pic will be there and you can then find others you know by using google friends. They also have great privacy settings too. We will continue to use our web main web address on myspace as the hub for alot of info. We keep our blogs updated, so you can also always check those from time to time. We try to keep the same ones visible on that page so people can easily learn more about us without back-tracking through past blogs. I think this format will be more user friendly over time. Posted on the right of our blog is a grab box from Reverbnation, feel free to use any and all widgets/banners on any page where html codes are allowed. You can change the size and the look of the widgets and the banners are all linked to particular websites, etc. that we use and more. Also on the right of this blog is where to become a Google friend. Stay sharp.....

*This is our main band page

*This is our unplugged page

*This is our fan/street-team page for friends & fans only.

*This is our online webstore where you can get tickets/merch.
*This is for signing up for text alerts to shows in your area.
*This for signing up for our monthly e-blast.

(For more networks like Facebook, Reverbnation, Bebo, I-Like visit):
*Our full band page on myspace for those links. Stay sharp....

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